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Banks Law Firm Wins Another Crop Insurance Case

The Banks Law Firm is continuing its success in representing farmers whose crop insurance claims have been improperly denied.  2013 successes include the recent settlement of a six figure claim.. read more

Crop Insurance Arbitration: An Overview

Crop Insurance Arbitration:  What It Is and When It’s Required  by Grant Ballard The basic provisions of the common crop insurance policy  require arbitration of disagreements between producers and approved crop insurance.. read more

Be Prepared for a 2012 Crop Insurance Audit

Crop insurance has received much attention this year, as many farms have experienced the driest conditions in recent history.  As a result, many producers will file their first large crop.. read more

Drought and Crop Insurance: Disaster Declarations and the 2012 Crop Year

As the drought of 2012 continues, USDA has expanded disaster declarations to  cover the entire state of Arkansas.   Unfortunatley, the forecast for mid-south weather suggests more high temperatures and low.. read more

Changing Times: Issues in Agricultural Law that May Impact Mid-South Farmers*

Take a quick glance at any recent farm news publication and it should be clear that the future of America’s agricultural landscape remains uncertain.  Risk management in farming will never.. read more

Prevented Planting Crop Insurance: What Producers Need to Know

by Grant Ballard Attorney, Banks Law Firm As many producers in the mid-south have struggled with dry planting conditions this spring, this post will hopefully alleviate some confusion over the.. read more

Tune in for the Upcoming Webinar on Crop Insurance and Farm Bill Issues

On June 21st, the Banks Law Firm and the National Agricultural Law Center will be hosting a webinar on crop insurance and the legal issues that can be involved with.. read more

Filing a Crop Insurance Claim: An Overview for Producers

Federal crop insurance is an important risk management tool for farmers throughout the United States. This is not likely to change, and, in the near future, an expanded federal crop.. read more