Banks Law Firm Wins Another Crop Insurance Case

Posted on October 9, 2013 · Posted in Agricultural Law, Agriculture Law, Crop Insurance

The Banks Law Firm is continuing its success in representing farmers whose crop insurance claims have been improperly denied.  2013 successes include the recent settlement of a six figure claim by a farmer  who employed Banks Law Firm attorney, Grant Ballard.  The producer’s crop insurance claim was denied as a result of the insurance provider’s incorrect application of crop insurance policy provisions.   Many involved in the case were skeptical of the producer’s chance of recovering on the claim due to the fact that officials with the USDA Risk Management Agency appeared to have informally affirmed the company’s decision.   Ballard filed for arbitration of the case and after significant efforts the crop insurance company agreed to pay the claim in its entirety.

The experience of the Banks Law Firm in crop insurance and agricultural litigation as well as a creative approach put money in the pocket of the client, prior to the planned arbitration hearing.   As anyone familiar with crop insurance disputes is aware, these cases rarely settle.  This case was a perfect example of why an attorney experienced in the area of crop insurance litigation is a must for producers who plan to fight a claim denial.   In this case, the dispute was resolved quickly and without the significant expense of an arbitration hearing.

If you have had a crop insurance claim denied, you need a lawyer that knows how to handle these complex disputes.  The attorneys at the Banks Law Firm understand crop insurance and know how to prepare and present your case for the best possible result.

Crop Insurance Case Settled

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