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Changing Times: Issues in Agricultural Law that May Impact Mid-South Farmers*

Take a quick glance at any recent farm news publication and it should be clear that the future of America’s agricultural landscape remains uncertain.  Risk management in farming will never.. read more

Prevented Planting Crop Insurance: What Producers Need to Know

by Grant Ballard Attorney, Banks Law Firm As many producers in the mid-south have struggled with dry planting conditions this spring, this post will hopefully alleviate some confusion over the.. read more

Tune in for the Upcoming Webinar on Crop Insurance and Farm Bill Issues

On June 21st, the Banks Law Firm and the National Agricultural Law Center will be hosting a webinar on crop insurance and the legal issues that can be involved with.. read more

Banks Law Firm Partners with National Agricultural Law Center

The Banks Law Firm has partnered with the National Agricultural Law Center to provide relevant legal resources and information to mid-south farmers through a series of producer meetings and webinars. .. read more

Documenting Crop Damage and Injury

Action Farmers Should Take When Faced With Crop Injury In the event that a crop is injured, documentation of the damage is necessary.  Agricultural producers should be proactive in assessing.. read more

Filing a Crop Insurance Claim: An Overview for Producers

Federal crop insurance is an important risk management tool for farmers throughout the United States. This is not likely to change, and, in the near future, an expanded federal crop.. read more